D&H Global Tax Group is committed to assisting High Net Worth individuals with their complete individual and family needs.  We take a holistic approach that is multi-faceted focusing on tax planning and compliance, financial services advisory, insurance and risk management, tax controversy and audit representation, as well as family office and back office services.

We at D&H Global realize the complex issues that High Net Worth individuals are facing especially as it relates to the global marketplace; we have the infrastructure, knowledge, and ability to work in tandem with our clients and their other professional advisors to provide them unique solutions for all aspects of their financial needs.

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Tax Planning and Compliance

We are a global tax advisory group who provides exceptional, customized tax planning and compliance services to High Net Worth individuals and families, including tax guidance and innovative solutions from a global perspective.  We make an effort to understand each client's specific tax circumstances and needs in relation to the ever-changing global environment. 

Financial Services Advisory

D&H Global coordinates the overall process of financial services to help connect our clients with the global resources needed to provide you with the best investment options. 

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Insurance & Risk Management

We understand that High Net Worth individuals have a complex risk profile that needs specialized attention to help mitigate risk across their diverse portfolio.  D&H Global uses our resources to provide our clients with strategies for asset protection and risk mitigation.

Tax Controversy and Audit

D&H Global is equipped with the international knowledge and experience to represent your tax matters with the Internal Revenue Service.  We work directly with our clients to understand their complex global tax positions to ensure tax compliance and mitigate potential liabilities.

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Family Office Services

Our Family office services provide our clients with support and individualized attention to encompass the needs and goals that our clients have in mind.  We offer a variety of services that can be customized to meet the expectations of each client. 

Back Office Services

D&H Global can provide back office support for individuals, entrepreneurs and entities to help with the ever changing scape of their administrative and accounting needs.