IRS Representation

D&H Global Tax Group assists clients by representing them with the Internal Revenue Service. If your return is selected for review and generates a notice or inquiry from the IRS, then we will propose adjustments, examine the notice, and respond upon your request. Abatement letters might be necessary if the notice creates a penalty, in which case we will request that the penalty be eliminated or reduced. If the inquiry continues, we represent our clients in their appeal cases. We work with our clients to ensure they stay tax compliant and avoid potential liabilities.

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FBAR - Foreign Bank Accounting Reporting

Designed to report foreign financial accounts for all U.S. citizens, Green Card holders and U.S. tax residents, this report is required if the filing threshold  exceeds $10,000 in a given tax year. D&H Global Tax Group regularly prepares and electronically files FBARs for our clients to meet the IRS deadline.

Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program

In cases where U.S. taxpayers' previously undisclosed income from offshore accounts that could possibly lead to potential criminal liability, D&H Global Tax Group regularly aids those clients to obtain significantly lower tax penalties by preparing their IRS required eight years of returns and FBARs.

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Streamline Filing Compliance Procedure

This program is an expanded and modified version of the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program, incorporating taxpayers living within the United States as well as U.S. citizens abroad. D&H Global Tax Group has assisted our clients with filing the three years of back returns and six years of FBARs to meet these specific IRS requirements. Our in-house expert tax team has extensive experience with the streamlined filing procedure, reducing the stress for the client and satisfying the IRS regulations.